Guidelines for Magazine Submissions (Issue 1)

Note: These guidelines are for the first issue of maybe. magazine and do not apply to later calls!

File specifications for preview files

To apply, please send us preview files of a set of maximum 1o images (with your name and title in filename). The maximum size of the complete email must not exceed 10MB.
Optionally, you can add a short artist statement that describes your submitted set or body of work.


File specifications for printable files

Once you are chosen, we will ask you to send us printable files via WeTransfer, Send Anywhere or Dropbox. Files must be 300 DPI JPEG, sized to approximately 30cm / approx. 3500 pixels in the longest direction and saved to the highest quality possible. Please include your name, title of the image and year in each file name: lastname_firstname_title_year_01.jpg



All artists will be notified once the selection process is finished. Publishing contributors will be asked to send printable data.



Pieces of work must be analogue (scans from negative, scans from print). Images can be black & white, color, Polaroid, cyanotype, photograms and experimental techniques… as long as there‘s emulsion and grain included. Please state digital alteration that exceeds dust removal and (subtle) adjustment of color/contrast.


Additional notes

The aim of our work is to provide a stage for analogue photography locally, nationally & internationally. We are a small part of this community and aim to contribute as much as possible.
Images published in the magazine may be presented on our social media channels and our website. If you do not wish to have your work shown there, please indicate so. We will always give photo credits.



Once finalized, the printed magazine will be distributed online and through direct sales at selected locations. All publishing artists and photographers will receive an artists’ copy of the magazine free of charge and additional issues at a discounted rate.


Photographers‘ rights

The copyright of all images, without exception, remain with the photographer having created the work. We respect artists as creators and owners of their work.


Selection process

Images will be selected based on unique artistic vision, a novel perspective towards the the topic and how well they fit into the overall composition. The selection will be done by members of Kalamari Klub. We are a collective of analogue photographers and artists who hold a variety of approaches (and opinions) towards photography. Therefore we are happy to be exposed to a variety of styles, methods and approaches.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at



– Up to 10 images per submission
– Submission mail does not exceed 10MB
– File name: lastname_firstname_title_year_01.jpg
– Images without title will be named „untitled“
– Artist statement is optional
– Images must relate to the topic. We encourage you to interpret.




Kalamari Klub’s Magazine is supported by the City of Heidelberg.