Light graphics – Workshop

The Light graphics workshop will be touching on the cameraless process of creating an image using light and photosensitive material in the darkroom. Elvira will be demonstrating ways she learned to use light as a material and how to assemble, capture and layer light projections.
With light drawing/molding/modulating on light-sensitive surfaces the participants are welcome to practice the process of crafting a cameraless photographic composition from beginning to end. The process is intuitive. Through exercises, experimentation and play – the participants can develop their own artistic signature to create an original work.
The workshop welcomes photographers, printmakers, analog visual artists, regardless of their darkroom experience. We will cover all relevant topics including photographic paper types, suitable chemicals, handmade tools and light sources. I will also demonstrate how to make positive images on photo paper. We will be working in black and white in various sizes. You will be sufficiently familiar with the entire workflow, so that you continue on your own.
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